Canal bank cycling

We've been following the Canal de Nantes a Brest for the last few days and it has been a wonderful cycling experience. It's relatively flat, it has dappled shade along its leafy green banks and it offers incredibly peaceful and tranquil scenery. We've seen kingfishers, otters (both dead and alive), dragonflies, fish and, Luca's favourite, les oiseaux! We've passed over locks, through les belles villages and the most remarkable, ever changing landscape. We've been staying in fantastic campsites and, after al fresco dejeuners avec du vin, have all been sleeping very soundly. All in all, we're settling very well into the pace of French cycling life!


At July 28, 2010 at 3:15 PM niamh galea said...

Dearest Auntie Linda, Phil & Luca,
It is Niamh, from Australia. We are all well in Aus including our spanish exchange student; Gonzalo. Your adventures are so far seeming wonderful. Fantastic photos, I especially adore the ones in this post. I also like your last post about the universal language of play. It is an idea which I think is very true. When WE were travelling we too connnected with many children; namely some Chilleans who spoke not a word of english; yet we still became the best of friends. Don't worry about Luca; he will make some wonderful friends. And at two short term relationships are the best kind. Today something happened that kinda means I'm not really a child anymore... but I still understand the universal language of play....

For the meantime!
Alls well and wishing you the best! Very excited to hear what else you get up to! Keep blogging!
(from Australia)

At July 28, 2010 at 8:32 PM Anonymous said...

Hi Linda, Phil + Luca,

I am at a friends using their internet and they showed me how to comment! i think I was wrong last time.
The adventures seem idyllic !
i spoke with Mum today and relayed your last blog to her and she was delighted.
She had her 50 year aniversary on Monday and it seemed a big day for her , remembering her wedding day aw!
I took myself off to the yaght club on my own for a coffee and carrot cake and read many chapters of my book . Bliss . I thougt of you -it was my first time doing it myself and i really enjoyed it but i cant have too many carrot cake sessions.
Did a 20 min run yesterday , and went slowly but surely x
Lots of love

At July 31, 2010 at 2:42 PM Cathryn said...

Hello Phil, and Linda!!
guess who..Cathryn!
Thought i would say a quick hello and by the sounds of things sounds like your having a really good time :)
im actually quite jealous of what your doing, but im leaving school in a year and then im on my own and taking a gap year so maybe you could give me some ideas about where to go and what to do!
not too sure if this is the right place where to comment but as i saw Niamh commented here i thought i would too!
Miss all you guys so much...
Love you all

(as luca doesnt have this own email address if you could pass this on to him :)

Hello Luca,
Hope your having a really really good time seeing all the different places and animals! hope mamma and dadda are giving you lots of nice things :)
massive hug and ill see you soon
loveeee youu xxxxxx

PS - ill send this to your email just incase you dont get this!

At August 12, 2010 at 12:10 AM Linda de Paor said...

Thanks guys. Really lovely to hear from you all.

Niamh, you are so wonderfuuly unique and, well, in your own truly beautiful way we just love it. Think you'll enjoy meeting Luca when we get to Oz. He's a well balanced kid. ( IN OUR HUMBLE OPINION).

Hi Cathryn, thanks for the Hpe you'd a lovely holiday in Barbados and Soto. Gap year coming up - how excitiNg. The world is your Oyster. What are you interested in? Love you lots, xxxxx


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