Tours sur Loire

Our last few days following the Loire cycle path have been truly spectacular. It has brought us through troglodyte dwellings - literally through caves and caverns - and through the most picture perfect villages imaginable. It has been an unforgettable and blissful cycle, where each day seems to surpass the last.

We're in Tours at the moment, which is the third major town we've hit on the Loire leg. Major towns are a pain! They're a hassle to cycle in to, a pain to navigate and a total nuisance to find accommodation in! One would be forgiven for thinking that a hotel in a town would be a welcome relief for cycle tourers who have been camping every night, but not so. When arriving in a campsite, we simply cycle in, pay a fee of as little as 6 Euro, head to a nice looking spot and set up the tent. Whereas with a hotel we have to find somewhere to leave the bikes, check in at reception, where we have to deal with the snooty receptionist who is disdainful of the two laden bikes, two laden trailers, two tired cyclists, one tired two year old and disinterested in solving the problem of where to store and house same. Towns really are a pain.

Alas, we don't have too many towns to go through before we leave France. We have to be in Tuscany in a little over a week for my sister's wedding and will have to take a train from somewhere along the Loire to make it on time.

We'll miss the Loire, but then each new leg and each new cycle path brings its own charms. Don't worry, Luca, we'll be beside water again and you can throw more stones....


At August 15, 2010 at 7:39 AM Dee said...

Hi babes. Been thinking of all three of you so much. What a wonderful experience you are having. Hard to blog, I'm sure. I know it. Luca is looking more and more like a little gent. Where you have stashed your dress for the wedding is beyond me! I loved Angers and love your pictures by the medieval castle. Hope you enjoyed Saumur as we loved it. Loire et Velo is so wonderful. Reading your updates as if it was my job! And having so much fun doing so! Enjoy every moment. Will write you on FB soon. Love to P and L. Enjoy the wedding and speak soon. Much love my darling. Soak it all in. You said once that I have a book in me - I'm thinking that you definitely do! x

At August 18, 2010 at 9:26 AM Linda de Paor said...

Thanks so much Dee for the following and regular and lovely comments. I've been thinking of you often along the Loire a Velo route. Thought of you in particular in Fontevraud which we checked out on your recommendation and loved. The history of the Abbaye was so interesting and, well, singular. I loved that women ruled the roost. We went for a lovely dinner there at the courtyard restaurant the name of which escapes me now. 
We loved Samur too. The town was beautiful and we loved the nearby troglodyte dwellings which we cycled through. Hope to make Sancerre tomorrow. It'll be a big day cycling wise as we've to make up some ground. We had to spend nearly half a day in Blois sorting out getting to Italy.  It appeared to be be possible to get there by train with bikes from our research but, in fact, that isn't the case. You can only get to Zurich with bikes. Anyway it's all worked out fine. We've to rent a car and leave the bikes in France. Then we'll come back here and continue on to Germany at the beginning of September. I have a very kind bro in law bringing a case to Italy for me for the wedding. Thanks J. I have managed to purchase two Tara Jarmon numbers over here which my hubby has at the bottom of his panniers. Thanks Curly. Behind every well dressed woman......Looking forward to the wedding and to seeing family and friends. Looking forward to some sunshine too as weather here has turned over last couple of weeks. It's been quite cool and wet. 
I've been enjoying the writing while on the trip but, you're right, it can be difficult to blog at times. This week was hard as limited net access and technical problems with my camera but hopefully we'll get back into the swing of things. 
How are you my dear? How's life back in the BIg Apple? Isn't a trip back to Ireland looming? All our love from the Loire. Xxx


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