Having spent six weeks in France, we finally dragged ourselves away on Monday when we cycled across the German border. We enjoyed a chill out day in Freiburg on Tuesday, and then decided to get a train the few hours to Donaueshingen on Wednesday - keen to set eyes on the Danube, keen to avoid a day of miserable rain on the bikes and keen to nip Luca's developing sniffle in the bud.

We had been told that the source of Danube and its accompanying fanfare are disappointing and underwhelming, but we didn't find it so at all. We spent a very peaceful half hour or so there, read the plaques representing each of the ten countries the Danube passes through and dropped three coins into the beautifully clear blue water, wishing for a safe and enjoyable journey down its length. Well, Linda and I did, Luca wished for a bag of jellies!

We've only been in Germany for a few days, but we've been pleasantly surprised by the remarkable warmth and friendliness of the people.... from giving Luca lolllipops in shops, giving him toys to play with in restaurants, randomly offering us help and directions on the street, to helping us with our laden bikes and bags in towns. Perhaps it was a misplaced belief in a stereotype of a cold demeanour that had us expecting otherwise, but we have found the German people the friendliest and most welcoming we've met so far.

We've just finished our first day cycling along the Danube cycle path and it was glorious. Stunning scenery, chocolate-box Bavarian villages, fantastic wildlife and, above all, paved and flat cycle path. The Danube runs for almost 3000km to the Black Sea... or to be precise (we are in Germany after all!), 2840km.

Cycling along its entire length is an exciting but daunting prospect. It'll take us a few months, but despite the distinct autumn chill in the air, we're looking forward to every kilometre of it.


At September 15, 2010 at 9:03 PM Anonymous said...

Enjoy the Bratwurst! The campsites must be pretty good as well. Thinking of you, with love, Gerdien


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