Best cycling: Austria
Worst cycling: Hungary

Best campites: France

Best food: Italy
Best coffee: France
Best breakfasts: France/ hotel in Vienna
Best wine: France/ Austria (Sturm!)
Best beer: Germany

Worst day: that day in Hungary.... 3 puntures, 1 fall and an afternoon lost on impassable roads
Best day: cycling through Austria's Wachau, picking plums and apples as we went

Best bike shops: Germany

Favourite cities: Ulm, Besancon, Bratislava
Least favourite cities: Nantes, Linz

Most pleasant surprise: night in hotel on National Stud Farm after that day in Hungary
Least pleasant surprise: rain in Brittany in July... what's that all about?

Best value for money: Hungary
Worst value for money: Switzerland

Best cycle tracks: Austria/ Germany

Friendliest people: Germany

Best countryside: Alsace/ Austria/ upper Danube

Most punctures in one day: 3

Best playgrounds: France/ Germany

Most child friendly country: Germany

Most recommended for a family cycling holiday: France (weather, cycling, food, campsites, pools)

Worst drivers: Italians/ Romanians

Most bizarre sight: rural Romania..... where do we begin?

Toughest hill: relentlessly vicious 6km uphill to spend a night in Wildenstein Castle, Germany
Best downhill: coming back down from Wildenstein the next morning

Best looking people: Italy/ Bratislava
Most stylish people: Italy

Luca's favourites: pasta in Italy/ apple juice in Austria/ playgrounds in France/ thermal baths in Hungary

Linda, Phil & Luca


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