I'm writing this while swinging gently in a hammock overlooking the Andaman Sea! Yes, that's right, we're still on Ko Lanta. This reluctance to leave island paradises is becoming something of a trend in our trip. We had a good reason this time though, honest!

We stayed for the first few nights in Mango House in Old Town, which the missus aptly described in her previous post, as being very Somerset Maugham, but with mod cons. Well, one thing it lacked was service.... of any kind. We didn't see another soul from the moment we checked in. The cafe and restaurant were closed and the reception was all shuttered up. It was a bit of a nuisance, as an onsite restaurant can be very handy for the parents of a two year old.... we can put him to bed at his usual time, use the baby monitor on my iPhone and pop next door for a bite and a beer in peace and quiet. No offence, Luca!

We left Old Town and headed to the west coast and to the really beautiful, chilled out beaches there, where we spent about a week doing very little, apart from lazing on the beach and reading.

While there, we met a few other cycle tourers. They were heading south into Malaysia and, as we're heading north along the route they've just taken, we were able to swap tales, advice and routes. Very handy. We were all set to head off on our way up north, but Mango House, having received our complaint, offered us a week's stay, free of charge. Hard to turn down, when the place was so beautiful. So, here we are, back in the hammock on our balcony overlooking the sea in Mango House. We're going to stay for 3 or 4 nights here and then head on again. Having planned our route from Ko Lanta to Bangkok in a bit more detail now, we're keen to get going again. Then again, this hammock is rather comfortable....


At April 25, 2011 at 3:10 PM niamh kendall said...

Dear Phil Linn and Luca ,

That all sounds fantasic and then I got to the bit about an extra free week ! Can you post complaining tips on the blog as that result !

We had to come back early from Spain as the weather wasnt great and its lovely here in England !
We are all excited about the royal Wedding here in the UK . I think Will and Kate should have a look at your blog for honeymoon ideas!Ha
Glad all is going well -lots of love N
ps We were taking about insomnia the other day Linda. Steve wondered if you can sleep better as you are cycling and out in the open air ?N x

At April 27, 2011 at 12:20 PM Linda de Paor said...

Hi Niamh,

So sorry to hear that you had to come home early from Spain. Got a text from Simone from a rainy Portugal while it was lovely in Dublin :( Hope you all enojoyed Easter and the school hols though. Hopefully we'll get to catch a peek of W and K's Big Day. Would love to see the dress. Do you remember being in Greystones for Di and Charles's? Funny you should mention the sleeping thing - I was just saying to Phil last week that I am convinced it's genetic - I just have the same thing Mum does as I still get sleepless nights :( altho' no work to worry about and out and about all day. If I crash early after a day on the bike - 7/8 I'll just be wide awake from 2 or 3 am....Will try to Skype soon. Love to you all. X


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