On Sunday, we left the gourmet heaven that is Georgetown, Penang and made our way to yet another Malaysian paradise island, Langkawi, where we've been languising for the last few days. Due to flooding in northern Malaysia and southern Thailand some of the roads in this province were closed and the main port town with ferry links to Langkawi island was under half a metre of water, so we thought it prudent not to attempt to cycle through the floods and instead caught a ferry here directly from Penang. We then cycled the 30km or so to the western side of the island and, despite cycling in the blistering midday heat, were glad we did, as the beach here is a long stretch of white sand perfection. We're also treated to the most amazing sunsets every evening, which we usually enjoy whilst having a cold beer – Langkawi, in stark contrast to the primarily Muslim Perhentian islands, is a duty-free island!

We had planned to cycle from here across the border into Thailand, but the floods in the south have made our proposed route a bit more complicated. It seems that we can't cycle in over the road border in the Satun province, as many of the roads there are impassable due to the floods. To further complicate matters, travel through the other provinces along the Thai-Malaysian border is strongly advised against by both the Irish and British foreign affairs offices, due to insurgencent attacks and a recent history of violence against tourists. As a result, we've decided to get a ferry from here to Satun town itself at the end of the week. Hopefully, we'll arrive after the worst of the flooding (the rains there have eased) and north of the worst affected areas and will be able to merrily cycle our way north through Thailand from there. But, before then, we still have a few days in Langkawi to laze, sunbathe, soak, potter around on a moped I rented, enjoy the sunsets and say a fond farewell to Malaysia after almost six weeks here.


At April 8, 2011 at 11:52 AM Cian Galea said...

Dear Phil, Linda and Luca,
I can't believe that you've already gone so far!!
I'm glad that you're loving Langkawi. I know I did-it's such a great place. I also can't believe how big Luca's gotten. I can't wait to meet him in person; he sounds like a great little guy.
Love from all of us here in Australia and wishing you safe travels,

At April 9, 2011 at 7:43 PM Linda de Paor said...

Ciao Cian or should I say Hola! You are quite the multi-lingual globe trotter now - well done Mr! Lovely to hear from you. Hope you are all doing great and really enjoying your school holidays.
We all loved Langkawi (although the Perhentian islands comlpletely stole our hearts - they were the closest thing I've been to which resembled North West island where I went to with you and the family when you, Niamh and Maeve were bubs) and are now in Thailand which we all love too. Asia is awesome. Can't wait to re-trace some of your steps in Vietnam and Laos (and maybe Cambodia) but we also can't wait to hit Oz, see all of you and introduce you to our lovely little Luca who is dying to meet his cuz's from Bondi. I am going to phone you guys in the morning or for "Mini Doopers" birthday on the 12th so hopefully speak to you then. Lots and lots of love to you, the girls and your Mum and Dad, Auntie Linda, Uncle Phil and Luca xxx

At April 10, 2011 at 5:18 PM Niamh Kendall said...

Wow Linda and Phil .

I got caught up with things and missed a few days ... Loved the tarot reading .its interesting and fun to do ...sounds like you have a good mix of career and family and travel .
Love the photos - all looks amazing . Glad you are steering clear of the trouble spots ...into glorious days of beaches and sunshine ....
Its a perfect springtime in Oxfordshire - I am busy out in the garden planting .
Luca seems to have grown even in 2 months , must be all the fine dining and sunshine ..
Lots of love


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