The 12.56 to Bangkok

The 12.56 train to Bangkok pulled in to Phetchaburi at 13.50. Under an hour late, not too bad by Thai railway standards, or so we gathered by the total lack of impatience amongst the waiting throngs. And throngs they certainly were. The platform was packed, as were the carriages of the train when it eventually arrived. Getting a train with bikes, bags, Chariot trailer and toddler can be an experience and not always a good one. And so it was with some trepidation that we waited, interminably it seemed, for the non-express to Bangkok – express trains don't have cargo compartments, so can't take bikes. When it finally arrived, we had mere moments to get our gear and selves on board.... they do have a timetable to stick to afterall! However, it turned out to be plenty of time, as all of the cargo carriage staff, and some platform loiterers, happily pitched in and lent us a hand. All under the watchful eye of a curious Buddhist monk. When all of the stuff was safely loaded and stowed, we turned to make our way down the platform to the now even more crowded carriages, where it was standing room only. Luckily, the cargo handlers again came to our rescue and ushered us into the staff compartment, the last carriage on the train, a bright, breezy carriage with comfortable benches and constant entertainment in the form of the comings and goings of the numerous vendors. It was a lovely train journey and a great way to enter Bangkok.

The Bangkok non-express stops in Bangkok Noi station, as opposed to the main central station, which we didn't think was too much of an issue until we set off on the 18km cycle to our hotel. It was 6pm, rush hour traffic and beginning to get dark. We got there in the end though, having pedalled through alleyways, beside canals, over bridges and along 8 lane highways. It was not an enjoyable cycle! Well, Luca enjoyed it, as he spent it reclining in his bike seat, sucking a lollipop and waving to the crowds of moped drivers.


At May 18, 2011 at 8:20 AM Anonymous said...

I am following your trip closely
Very uplifting
What a great trip and well done for seizing the opportunity
It would've great if the reports were longer

Anyway keep safe and well
I'm already looking forward to your new travels
Barry Dublin

At May 22, 2011 at 11:35 AM The Galea De Paors said...

glad you made it in one piece! We are all so excited to see you soon. enjoy your timeXx

At May 22, 2011 at 5:57 PM Linda de Paor said...

Thanks Galea de Paors. We're all currently in Chiang Mai and loving it. More than Bangkok so far actually. But willing to give Bangkok another go as we've to go back to pick up our bikes there - they are getting a well deserved service. Love to you all. Will keep in touch. You must be getting so excited about your trip to Ireland following in the Queen's and Obama's footsteps. Wish we could be there with you all but we will see you all soon. We got Mammy/Grandma a nice birthday present in the Sunday Walking markets here today. ( can't believe she'll be 21 again!). Lots of Love to you all. Thanks for all of the following and comments as always. x


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