Allambie orphanage would like to take this opportunity to say a BIG Thank You to everyone that donated to Linda, Phil and Luca’s appeal on their blog – “Grow a Garden for Allambie”.

The money that you all raised has given Allambie Orphanage the most beautiful roof garden. We now have plants, an eating area and the most lovely wooden swing.

Allambie Orphanage has been up running now for 6 months. We have 6 children and for the first time, they feel safe, loved and all have a future to look forward to. With your help and support, we will be able to change more children’s lives for the better.

The kids and me are also trying to grow our own chillies with the help of Linda’s guidance. The roof garden has given the Allambie kids and I an area that we come and relax and talk together. The kids love it and the roof garden is used every day. The older children often do their school lessons with their teacher s out on the roof and I often find Nhi up there in the evening swinging away and listening to her music.

The children are looking after the plants but at the moment it is rainy season here and so the plants are getting watered well. Chuyen is looking after Luca’s chilli pot and I know Chuyen misses him a lot.

Until these children came to Allambie, they were in an orphanage that was overcrowded, dirty and they were lucky if they got one meal a day. They had nowhere to go apart from rooms that had iron bars on the windows and very little day light.

Now with your help and support, they have a family home and a roof garden where can they really breathe. The children are now all going to good schools, have 3 meals a day, are healthy and for the first time in their lives, feel loved, wanted and safe.

Finally, Linda, Phil and Luca we miss you all very much and you will always be apart of the Allambie family. We truly hope to see you all again.

Thank you

Suzanne Thi Hien Hook


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