At September 24, 2011 at 12:36 PM Sarah and Sammy said...

Hi there,

We wanted to express our appreciation for what you're doing and let you know that your tale is doing more for others than you may think.

We found your site early this year and have cited your story, since then, as a bit of a trump card for many people we've met who feel stuck and frustrated in their current lives and reason "I suppose you can do it because you have no ties".
On hearing of your alternative perspective on life with a child, it certainly makes them think more about the way they could survive with kids, out of the usual "run-of-the-mill" lifestyle.

But what is this? Lo and behold, your tale gets even more inspiring! Congratulations on "Buddha Blessed" bump.
Your continuing tale will be, in a few people's lives at least, a reason for change.

We're not the type to gush, so please accept the above sincerely. (We just think it's a shame that feedback like this often remain in people's minds and never get relaid verbally- or electronically in this case- to the people moving the emotions.)

We hope the road ahead, both physically and metaphorically, bodes well for all of you.

Kind wishes, (oh go on then, we'll wish for tailwinds)

Sarah & Sammy



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